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Edible Frog which scientific name is pelophylax kl. esculentus usually grows 5cm - 11cm (1.9in - 4.7in). The top speed it is able to reach is 8kph (5mph). Edible Frog usually lives in woodland swamps and ponds. It has a permeable skin type. The average weight is 5g - 12g (0.17oz - 0.4oz). The life span is 5 - 15 years.

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Facts about edible frogs
NameEdible Frog
Weight5g - 12g (0.17oz - 0.4oz)
Common NameEdible frog
Conservation StatusLeast concern
PreyInsects, moths, spiders
ColourBrown, green, black, tan
PredatorsFoxes, cats, birds
HabitatWoodland swamps and ponds
Distinctive FeaturesLong legs and streamlined body
Skin TypePermeable
Water TypeFresh
Scientific NamePelophylax kl. esculentus
Size (L)5cm - 11cm (1.9in - 4.7in)
Life Span5 - 15 years
Top Speed8kph (5mph)
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Description Edible frog. ... edible frog edible frog classification and evolutionthe edible frog is
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