Gallery description : freshwater catfish pictures

The life span is 8 - 20 years. Catfish inhabits fast-flowing rivers and lakes. It has a scales skin type. The preferred food type is carnivore. Catfish (siluriformes) has a size 1cm - 270cm (0.4in - 106in).

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Facts about catfishs
Distinctive FeaturesFlat, broad head and whiskers
PredatorsLarge fish, birds, mammals, reptiles
Conservation StatusThreatened
ColourBrown, black, yellow, white, tan, grey
Main PreyFish, frogs, worms
OriginWarm freshwater
Optimum pH Level6.5 - 8.0
Size (L)1cm - 270cm (0.4in - 106in)
Average Clutch Size40
Scientific NameSiluriformes
HabitatFast-flowing rivers and lakes
Skin TypeScales
Life Span8 - 20 years
Water TypeFresh
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Description Freshwater catfish pictures. The bullhead catfish is an opportunistic bottom feeder. Their diet ...
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