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Gar usually inhabits lakes and slow-moving rivers. It has a smooth skin type. The preferred food type is carnivore. The life span is 10 - 20 years. Gar which scientific name is lepisosteidae has a size 0.6m - 3m (2ft - 9.8ft).

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Facts about gars
Life Span10 - 20 years
Common NameGar
Scientific NameLepisosteidae
Water TypeFresh
OriginAmerican waters
ColourGrey, blue, black, brown, yellow
HabitatLakes and slow-moving rivers
Distinctive FeaturesElongated body and sharp needle-like teeth
Size (L)0.6m - 3m (2ft - 9.8ft)
Skin TypeSmooth
Main PreyFish, insects, invertebrates
Average Clutch Size10
PredatorsLarge fish, alligators, humans
Optimum pH Level6 - 9
Conservation StatusLeast concern
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