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January 7, Christmas, in the framework of her Far Eastern tour Yakutians congratulated the former soloist of the world-famous band Boney M Sheila Bonnick with her band "Boney M. feat Sheyla Bonnick". The concert took place on the stage of the State Theater of Opera and Ballet. Suoruna Omollona.

According to local organizers, if in other cities of Russia and other countries the name of the West German group is mostly people who do not have the slightest relation to the collective, Sheila was an official participant, stood at the origins of the group's creation and has the right to act as a show "Boney" M. "in combination with his name.

The first block of the concert was made by Yakut pop artists: Askalon Pavlov, Juliana Krivoshapkina, Olimpia and others.

After the Yakut stars, Sheila Bonnick and her band performed on the stage and performed hits "Boney M." "Daddy Cool", "Ma Baker", "Rasputin", "Sunny", as well as other, all songs are performed live.

Almost all the audience danced and sang along, remembering their youth.

As the participants of "Boney M. feat Sheyla Bonnick" admitted to us after the concert behind the scenes, despite the very cold weather in Yakutsk, the residents of the city are very energetic and positive. The musicians conveyed greetings and congratulations to the New Year and Christmas to all readers of News.Ykt.Ru, having promised to visit our republic more than once.

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