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Black Widow Spider (latrodectus) is 1.3cm - 3.8cm (0.5in - 1.5in). Black Widow Spider usually lives in urban, temperate forest and woodland. It has a shell skin type. The preferred food type is carnivore.

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Facts about black widow spiders
NameBlack Widow Spider
Distinctive FeaturesSharp fangs and shiny black and red body
HabitatUrban, temperate forest and woodland
Average Litter Size250
Common NameBlack widow spider
PredatorsWasp, birds, small mammals
Size1.3cm - 3.8cm (0.5in - 1.5in)
Skin TypeShell
Scientific NameLatrodectus
Conservation StatusLeast concern
Main PreyInsects, woodlice, beetles
ColourBrown, black, red, yellow
Number of Species3
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Description Pictures of a black widow spider bite. Black Widow Spider Bite Stages Yes i said bites,
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