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Sponge usually lives in saltwater seafloors. It has a smooth skin type. Sponge which methodical name is demospongiae usually is 1cm - 3m (0.4in - 118in).

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Facts about sponges
Number of Species5,000
Conservation StatusThreatened
Skin TypeSmooth
Main PreyBacteria, phytoplankton, nutrients in water
HabitatSaltwater seafloors
PredatorsFish, turtles. crustaceans
Size1cm - 3m (0.4in - 118in)
Scientific NameDemospongiae
ColourGreen, red, blue, yellow, orange, brown
Common NameSponge
Average Litter Size1,000s
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Description Pictures of abundance. Principles of Abundance « Yogabhava
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