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Eagle is a bird that usually inhabits open waters like rivers, lakes and coastal regions. It has a feathers skin type. This type of birds have 70cm - 250cm (27.5in - 98in) wing span. The preferred food type is omnivore. The average weight of the eagle is 0.5kg - 7kg (1.1lbs - 15.4lbs). The maximum speed it can reach is 160km/h (100mph). These birds usually live 15 - 30 years.

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Facts about eagles
Life Span15 - 30 years
ColourBlack, grey, brown, white, yellow
Size (H)40cm - 100cm (15.7in - 39.3in)
Main PreyFish, mammals, reptiles
Distinctive FeaturesLong curved beak and strong, sharp claws
Wing Span70cm - 250cm (27.5in - 98in)
Weight0.5kg - 7kg (1.1lbs - 15.4lbs)
Scientific NameHieraatus spilogaster
PredatorsHuman, hawk, raccoon
Top Speed160km/h (100mph)
HabitatOpen waters like rivers, lakes and coastal regions
Conservation StatusThreatened
Skin TypeFeathers
Average Clutch Size2
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Description Pictures of baby bald eagles. ... baby bald eagles who’s mother fell ill and father died. Linda Coan O
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