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Puffer Fish lives in shallow waters and coral reefs. It has a scales skin type. The preferred food type is omnivore. The life span is 4 - 8 years. Puffer Fish (tetraodontidae) has a size 17cm - 60cm (7in - 24in).

Facts about puffer fishs
NamePuffer Fish
Water TypeFresh, brackish, salt
PredatorsHumans, sharks, large fish
Distinctive FeaturesInflatable body and sharp poisonous spikes
Skin TypeScales
Size (L)17cm - 60cm (7in - 24in)
Main PreyAlgae, shellfish, invertebrates
Scientific NameTetraodontidae
Average Clutch Size6
ColourGrey, yellow, blue, white, brown
HabitatShallow waters and coral reefs
Life Span4 - 8 years
Conservation StatusLeast concern
Optimum pH Level5.7 - 6.4
Common NamePuffer fish
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Description Baby puffer fish pictures. puffer fish on the left from a groundfish trawl and a baby puffer ...
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