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Bird is a bird that lives in forests and shrub land close to water. It has a feathers skin type. It has 9cm - 300cm (4in - 118in) wing span. The preferred food type is omnivore. These birds usually live 1 - 100 years. The average weight is 0.002kg - 130kg (0.004lbs - 286lbs). The top speed it is able to reach is 322km/h (200mph).

Facts about birds
Main PreyFruit, spiders, insects, seeds
HabitatForests and shrub land close to water
Weight0.002kg - 130kg (0.004lbs - 286lbs)
Size (H)5cm - 270cm (2in - 106in)
Skin TypeFeathers
Distinctive FeaturesLight, feathered body and beak
Life Span1 - 100 years
Wing Span9cm - 300cm (4in - 118in)
PredatorsFoxes, birds, wild dogs
Average Clutch Size5
Top Speed322km/h (200mph)
ColourBrown, grey, white, black, yellow, red, orange, blue, pink
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