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Birds Of Paradise (paradisaeidae) is a bird type animal. It usually inhabits tropical forest tree tops. The weight of this animal is about 50g - 430g (1.8oz - 15.2oz) and average life span is 5 - 8 years. Human, snakes, large birds predators are the dangerous creatures for birds of paradises. Look up the table below for more facts.

Facts about birds of paradises
NameBirds Of Paradise
Skin TypeFeathers
Average Clutch Size3
Weight50g - 430g (1.8oz - 15.2oz)
Wing Span20cm - 120cm (7.9in - 47in)
PredatorsHuman, snakes, large birds
Life Span5 - 8 years
Distinctive FeaturesBrightly coloured feathers and elaborate dance of males
Scientific NameParadisaeidae
Size (H)15cm - 110cm (6in - 43in)
ColourBlack, white, grey, green, brown, blue, yellow, red
HabitatTropical forest tree tops
Main PreyInsects, fruit, seeds, berries
Conservation StatusLeast concern
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