Several Bison Attack an Old Woman Who Tried to Take Photos with Them in Yellowstone National Park

A 72-year-old woman has been attacked by a group of bison that she approached to take photos in Yellowstone National Park.

The events occurred this Monday near a camp located in northwest Wyoming, as reported by the nature reserve through a press release. Disregarding the indications that advise not to approach within 22 meters of these animals, the old woman approached them repeatedly to get a snapshot of the moment.

Upon noticing the woman’s proximity, the mammal ran to the place where it was and pounced on her, causing several injuries that had to be attended to by one of the rangers.

After being helped, the elderly woman was transferred to the Regional Medical Center (Idaho) to receive additional treatment.

“Bison are wild animals that respond to threats by displaying aggressive behaviors such as kicking the ground, huffing, shaking their heads, bellowing and lifting their tails,” said Chris Geremia, a biologist at the reserve, in the statement. “If this doesn’t drive the threat away, this species may come charging.”

For the expert, the attack has served as a reminder that wildlife in Yellowstone National Park is wild .

“To be safe near a bison, stay at least 22 meters away, walk away if they approach , and escape or seek shelter if they carry,” recommends Geremia.

It is not the only case with similar characteristics that has occurred in recent weeks. A few days after the park reopened in late May, another woman was attacked by these animals.

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