How venomous are African bush vipers?

Venom from an African bush viper is primarily hemotoxic and potentially life threatening. Existing, commercialy available antivenoms may not neutralize venom of this genus.
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One may also ask are bush vipers aggressive? Bush Viper Pictures. Very aggressive Bush Viper (Atheris squamigera) in a tree. The average size of the snake is 18 to 24 inches.

Is the African bush viper endangered?

Atheris squamigera has not been evaluated by the IUCN and is not listed as a species of concern on any known threatened species lists.

Subsequently, how big do bush vipers get? Size: At an adult length of 16 to 22 inches, males are the smaller sex. Females vary from 20 to 28 inches in length but have been authenticated at 32 inches.

What is a blue viper?

According to the Moscow Zoo, the snakes are the blue variety of the white-lipped island pit viper – a venomous pit viper subspecies found in Indonesia and East Timor. Most white-lipped pit vipers are actually green, with the blue variety being quite rare.

How long do bush vipers live?

10 to 20 years

Average lifespan for green bush vipers has not been documented. Most vipers live 10 to 20 years in the wild.

Accordingly, how do you treat an african bush viper bite? There is no known antivenom for an African bush viper’s venom, according to the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, New York. However, patients can be treated for their bites using antivenom created for other snakes’ venom.

What do African bush vipers eat?

Diet. African bush vipers are carnivorous, and primarily eat small rodents. They may also eat birds, frogs, and small reptiles when available.

Do bush vipers bite?

Spiny Bush Vipers and Humans. Their venom is neurotoxic and can result in serious hemorrhaging of internal organs. If bitten by this viper, it can cause pain in the local area, swelling, and bleeding in more serious cases.

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