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Catfish which methodical name is siluriformes usually has a size 1cm - 270cm (0.4in - 106in). Catfish inhabits fast-flowing rivers and lakes. It has a scales skin type. The preferred food type is carnivore. The life span is 8 - 20 years.

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Facts about catfishs
ColourBrown, black, yellow, white, tan, grey
Scientific NameSiluriformes
OriginWarm freshwater
HabitatFast-flowing rivers and lakes
Conservation StatusThreatened
Water TypeFresh
Distinctive FeaturesFlat, broad head and whiskers
Optimum pH Level6.5 - 8.0
Average Clutch Size40
Main PreyFish, frogs, worms
Life Span8 - 20 years
Skin TypeScales
Size (L)1cm - 270cm (0.4in - 106in)
PredatorsLarge fish, birds, mammals, reptiles
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Description Catfish. Andrew Kennedy's first Wels Catfish, a double-figure specimen caught ...
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