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The average weight of the giant clam is 100-200kg (220-440lbs). Giant Clam lives in saltwater seafloors. It has a shell skin type. Giant Clam which scientific name is tridacna gigas usually is 90-120cm (35-47in).

Facts about giant clams
NameGiant Clam
Weight100-200kg (220-440lbs)
PredatorsEels, snails, starfish
Average Litter SizeMillions
Number of Species100
Common NameGiant clam
Size90-120cm (35-47in)
Main PreyAlgae, phytoplantkon, nutrients in water
Conservation StatusThreatened
Skin TypeShell
ColourGreen, red, blue, yellow, orange, brown, pink
Scientific NameTridacna gigas
HabitatSaltwater seafloors
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Description Giant clam. Giant Clam With Diver Jobspapa
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