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Guinea Fowl is a bird that lives in forest, desert and grasslands. It has a feathers skin type. It has 150cm - 180cm (59in - 71in) wing span. The diet is omnivore. The average weight of the guinea fowl is 0.7kg - 1.6kg (1.5lbs - 3.5lbs). The maximum speed it can reach is 35km/h (22mph). Guinea Fowl (numididae) is 40cm - 71cm (16in - 30in). These birds usually live 10 - 20 years.

Facts about guinea fowls
NameGuinea Fowl
HabitatForest, desert and grasslands
Life Span10 - 20 years
Top Speed35km/h (22mph)
Distinctive FeaturesLarge body size and bald neck
Size (L)40cm - 71cm (16in - 30in)
Average Clutch Size12
Wing Span150cm - 180cm (59in - 71in)
Main PreyInsects, worms, berries
Skin TypeFeathers
ColourBlack, white, brown, red, yellow, white, grey
Weight0.7kg - 1.6kg (1.5lbs - 3.5lbs)
Conservation StatusLeast concern
PredatorsLarge mammals and reptiles
Scientific NameNumididae
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