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The life span is 12 - 25 years. Horn Shark inhabits warm continental shelves. It has a smooth skin type. The preferred food type is carnivore. Horn Shark which methodical name is heterodontus francisci is 70cm - 120cm (27.5in - 47in).

Facts about horn sharks
NameHorn Shark
OriginNorth pacific
Size (L)70cm - 120cm (27.5in - 47in)
Optimum pH Level7 - 8
Water TypeSalt
Life Span12 - 25 years
PredatorsLarge fish, sharks, humans
Average Litter Size20
Common NameHorn shark
Skin TypeSmooth
Main PreyMolluscs, sea urchins, fish
HabitatWarm continental shelves
ColourGrey, brown, black, yellow
Distinctive FeaturesShort head with high ridges above the eyes
Conservation StatusData deficient
Scientific NameHeterodontus francisci
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