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The average weight of the horseshoe crab is 1kg - 4.5kg (2.2lbs - 9.9lbs). Horseshoe Crab usually inhabits muddy bottoms of shallow water. It has a shell skin type. The preferred food type is omnivore. Horseshoe Crab which scientific name is limulidae has a size 20cm - 60cm (8in - 24in).

Facts about horseshoe crabs
NameHorseshoe Crab
PredatorsSharks, sea turtles, humans
Weight1kg - 4.5kg (2.2lbs - 9.9lbs)
Skin TypeShell
ColourBlack. brown, yellow, tan, silver, white
Average Litter Size90,000
Size (L)20cm - 60cm (8in - 24in)
Conservation StatusLeast concern
Distinctive FeaturesArmoured shell with long, thin tail
Number of Species4
HabitatMuddy bottoms of shallow water
Main PreyWorms, molluscs, crustaceans
Common NameHorseshoe crab
Scientific NameLimulidae
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