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Angelfish which scientific name is pomacanthidae has a size 7cm - 30cm (3in - 12in). Angelfish usually lives in rivers and coral reefs. It has a scales skin type. The diet is omnivore. The life span is 8 - 15 years.

Facts about angelfishs
Distinctive FeaturesBody shape and brightly coloured markings
OriginSouthern hemisphere
Life Span8 - 15 years
Water TypeFresh, salt
Skin TypeScales
Average Clutch Size500
HabitatRivers and coral reefs
Common NameAngelfish
PredatorsFish, birds, sharks, mammals
ColourBlack, white, yellow, orange, purple, silver, blue, green
Size (L)7cm - 30cm (3in - 12in)
Optimum pH Level6.5 - 7.2
Scientific NamePomacanthidae
Conservation StatusThreatened
Main PreyFish, algae, plankton
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