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Silver Dollar which methodical name is metynnis argenteus has a size 5cm - 14cm (2in - 5.5in). The life span is 2 - 10 years. Silver Dollar usually inhabits tropical well-vegetated rivers. It has a scales skin type. The preferred food type is omnivore.

Facts about silver dollars
NameSilver Dollar
Optimum pH Level5 - 7
PredatorsLarge fish, birds, reptiles
Main PreyBloodworm, insects, plants
Common NameSilver dollar
Life Span2 - 10 years
Average Litter Size2,000
Distinctive FeaturesDisk-like body and short fins
Water TypeFresh
HabitatTropical well-vegetated rivers
Conservation StatusLeast concern
Scientific NameMetynnis argenteus
ColourSilver, grey
Skin TypeScales
OriginSouth america
Size (L)5cm - 14cm (2in - 5.5in)
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Description Picture of a silver dollar. Silver Dollar' in late summer
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