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Sponge which methodical name is demospongiae usually has a size 1cm - 3m (0.4in - 118in). Sponge inhabits saltwater seafloors. It has a smooth skin type.

Facts about sponges
Size1cm - 3m (0.4in - 118in)
Number of Species5,000
Conservation StatusThreatened
HabitatSaltwater seafloors
Common NameSponge
Average Litter Size1,000s
PredatorsFish, turtles. crustaceans
ColourGreen, red, blue, yellow, orange, brown
Main PreyBacteria, phytoplankton, nutrients in water
Skin TypeSmooth
Scientific NameDemospongiae
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Description Pictures of big turtles. Land Tortoise Breeding Center on Isla Isabella Isabella, Galapagos ...
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