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Stag Beetle usually lives in deciduous woodland. It has a shell skin type. The preferred food type is omnivore. Stag Beetle which methodical name is lucanidae is usually 5cm - 12cm (2in - 4.8in).

Facts about stag beetles
NameStag Beetle
Main PreyDecaying wood, nectar, leaves
Conservation StatusThreatened
PredatorsBats, rats, birds
Scientific NameLucanidae
HabitatDeciduous woodland
ColourBlack, brown, green, blue, white, yellow
Size (L)5cm - 12cm (2in - 4.8in)
Distinctive FeaturesHard, armoured shell and large pincers
Skin TypeShell
Number of Species1,200
Common NameStag beetle
Average Litter Size100
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