Gallery description : pictures of different types of snails

Snail which methodical name is achatinoidea has a size 0.5cm - 80cm (0.2in - 32in). Snail inhabits well-vegetated areas. It has a shell skin type. The preferred food type is herbivore. The average weight is 0.01kg - 18kg (0.02lbs - 40lbs).

Facts about snails
ColourBlack. brown, yellow, tan
Scientific NameAchatinoidea
Common NameSnail
Number of Species1,000
Distinctive FeaturesArmoured shell with long, thin eye stems
Average Litter Size200
Weight0.01kg - 18kg (0.02lbs - 40lbs)
Main PreyLeaves, fruits, stems
HabitatWell-vegetated areas
Size (L)0.5cm - 80cm (0.2in - 32in)
PredatorsRodents, frogs, birds
Skin TypeShell
Conservation StatusLeast concern
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Description Pictures of different types of snails. we shared parsley snails for a starter the snails were
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