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Great White Sharks are fishs that lead a solitary life. Sometimes great white sharks are called carcharodon carcharias, this is a scientific name for the animal. Top speed of great white sharks can be up to 40km/h (25mph). 30-40 years is a usual life span for the fish. The weight of carcharodon carcharias is 1,110-2,240kg (2,450-4,938lbs). These fishs grow 5.5-7m (18-21ft).

Facts about ainu dogs
NameAinu dog
Average Litter Size7
ColourGrey, tan, brown, white
Average Weight30kg (65lbs)
Average Life Span12 years
TemperamentFearless, determined and loyal
Average Size (H)50cm (20in)
Distinctive FeaturesSharply pointed ears and upturned tail
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