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Stick Insect lives in forest, jungles and woodland. It has a shell skin type. The diet is herbivore. Stick Insect which methodical name is phasmatodea grows 3-30cm (1.2-11.8in).

Facts about stick insects
NameStick Insect
Scientific NamePhasmatodea
Number of Species3,000
Common NameStick insect
PredatorsBirds, rodents, reptiles
Skin TypeShell
Main PreyLeaves, plants, berries
Conservation StatusThreatened
HabitatForest, jungles and woodland
ColourGreen, brown, tan, grey
Average Litter Size1,000
Size3-30cm (1.2-11.8in)
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Description Pictures of larvae insects. Top 20 Insects - Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab -
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