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The average weight is 0.002kg - 130kg (0.004lbs - 286lbs). These birds usually live 1 - 100 years. The maximum speed it is able to reach is 322km/h (200mph). Bird is a bird that usually lives in forests and shrub land close to water. It has a feathers skin type. This type of birds have 9cm - 300cm (4in - 118in) wing span. The diet is omnivore.

Facts about birds
ColourBrown, grey, white, black, yellow, red, orange, blue, pink
HabitatForests and shrub land close to water
Main PreyFruit, spiders, insects, seeds
Size (H)5cm - 270cm (2in - 106in)
PredatorsFoxes, birds, wild dogs
Life Span1 - 100 years
Top Speed322km/h (200mph)
Skin TypeFeathers
Weight0.002kg - 130kg (0.004lbs - 286lbs)
Wing Span9cm - 300cm (4in - 118in)
Average Clutch Size5
Distinctive FeaturesLight, feathered body and beak
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Description Pictures of parakeets. went over to that Garden/pet store today. The parrot and the dog of ...
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