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Sea Slug usually lives in shallow and deep oceans. It has a smooth skin type. The preferred food type is herbivore. The life span is 1-4 years. Sea Slug which methodical name is holothuroidea grows 0.6-30cm (0.25-12in).

Facts about sea slugs
NameSea Slug
Scientific NameHolothuroidea
Average Clutch Size500
Life Span1-4 years
Size0.6-30cm (0.25-12in)
HabitatShallow and deep oceans
Water TypeSalt
PredatorsFish, crabs, lobsters
Optimum pH Level7.5-8.4
Conservation StatusLeast concern
Common NameSea slug
ColourTan, black, white, yellow, orange, purple
Main PreyAlgae, plankton
Skin TypeSmooth
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Description Pictures of sea cucumbers. Farming sea cucumbers. Photograph by Antoine Rougier, courtesy Blue ...
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