Gallery description : pictures of sharks eating fish

Basking Shark (cetorhinus maximus) has a size 6m - 12m (20ft - 39ft). Basking Shark inhabits temperate waters along continental shelves. It has a smooth skin type. The diet is carnivore. The life span is 20 - 100 years.

Facts about basking sharks
NameBasking Shark
PredatorsSharks, humans, killer whales
ColourGrey, black, brown
HabitatTemperate waters along continental shelves
Average Clutch Size6
Conservation StatusThreatened
Distinctive FeaturesEnormous mouth and large body size
Common NameBasking shark
Water TypeSalt
OriginAtlantic and pacific oceans
Life Span20 - 100 years
Scientific NameCetorhinus maximus
Optimum pH Level5 - 7
Main PreyFish, plankton, invertebrates
Skin TypeSmooth
Size (L)6m - 12m (20ft - 39ft)
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Description Pictures of sharks eating fish. Whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea. Adults measure thirty ...
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