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The life span is 1 - 4 years. Siamese Fighting Fish lives in mekong river in south-east asia. It has a scales skin type. The diet is carnivore. Siamese Fighting Fish which methodical name is betta splendens usually has a size 6cm - 8cm (2.4in - 3.1in).

Facts about siamese fighting fishs
NameSiamese Fighting Fish
Scientific NameBetta splendens
Conservation StatusLeast concern
Average Clutch Size30
OriginSoutheast asia
Water TypeFresh
Size (L)6cm - 8cm (2.4in - 3.1in)
HabitatMekong river in south-east asia
Life Span1 - 4 years
Common NameSiamese fighting fish
Distinctive FeaturesFeisty temperament and long tail fin
Skin TypeScales
Optimum pH Level6.9 - 7.2
Main PreyInsects, brine shrimp, plankton
PredatorsFish, cat, salamander
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Description Pictures of siamese fighting fish. RKBANSHI: Stunning portraits of Siamese fighting fish
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