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Puss Moth which methodical name is cerura vinula is usually 5cm - 8cm (1.9in - 3.1in). Puss Moth usually inhabits dense woodland. It has a hairs skin type. The diet is omnivore.

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Facts about puss moths
NamePuss Moth
Number of Species1
Size (L)5cm - 8cm (1.9in - 3.1in)
ColourBlack, brown, green, blue, white, yellow, grey
Scientific NameCerura vinula
HabitatDense woodland
Conservation StatusThreatened
Distinctive FeaturesBlack and white markings and dangerous nature of the caterpillar
Common NamePuss moth
Main PreyWillow and poplar leaves
Average Litter Size15
Skin TypeHairs
PredatorsBats, rats, birds
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Description Puss pictures. Puss in Boots is a cat from the Shrek movies and the 2011 movie, Puss ...
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