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Sea Dragon which methodical name is phycodurus eques usually has a size 20cm - 24cm (10in - 12in). Sea Dragon usually lives in tropical coastal waters. It has a scales skin type. The diet is carnivore. The life span is 2 - 10 years.

Facts about sea dragons
NameSea Dragon
Size (L)20cm - 24cm (10in - 12in)
Optimum pH Level6.5 - 8.0
ColourBrown, black, yellow, white, tan, grey, green, red, orange
Average Clutch Size250
Common NameSea dragon
Skin TypeScales
Scientific NamePhycodurus eques
Distinctive FeaturesElongated snout and easily camouflaged body
Water TypeSalt
PredatorsLarge fish
Life Span2 - 10 years
OriginAustralian coastal waters
Conservation StatusThreatened
Main PreyPlankton, shrimp, small fish
HabitatTropical coastal waters
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