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Sea Squirt which methodical name is urochordata is 3-30cm (1.2-11.8in). Sea Squirt lives in coastal waters. It has a permeable skin type. The average weight of the sea squirt is 100-200g (3.5-7oz).

Facts about sea squirts
NameSea Squirt
Common NameSea squirt
ColourGreen, red, blue, yellow, orange, brown, pink, white
Number of Species3,000
Conservation StatusThreatened
Main PreyPlankton, algae, nutrients in water
HabitatCoastal waters
Average Litter Size1,000
Skin TypePermeable
PredatorsEels, snails, starfish
Scientific NameUrochordata
Weight100-200g (3.5-7oz)
Size3-30cm (1.2-11.8in)
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