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Sea Urchin usually lives in rocky ocean floor and coral reefs. It has a plates skin type. Sea Urchin which scientific name is echinoidea usually is 3-10cm (1.2-3.9in). The life span is 15-200 years.

Facts about sea urchins
NameSea Urchin
Average Clutch Size2,000,000
Optimum pH Level6.0-9.0
Life Span15-200 years
Scientific NameEchinoidea
Conservation StatusThreatened
HabitatRocky ocean floor and coral reefs
Size3-10cm (1.2-3.9in)
Water TypeSalt
PredatorsFish, birds, crabs, sea otter
Skin TypePlates
Main PreyAlgae, fish, barnacles
Common NameSea urchin
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