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The life span is 20 - 100 years. Basking Shark (cetorhinus maximus) is 6m - 12m (20ft - 39ft). Basking Shark usually lives in temperate waters along continental shelves. It has a smooth skin type. The diet is carnivore.

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Facts about basking sharks
NameBasking Shark
Optimum pH Level5 - 7
Skin TypeSmooth
Average Clutch Size6
HabitatTemperate waters along continental shelves
ColourGrey, black, brown
Size (L)6m - 12m (20ft - 39ft)
Conservation StatusThreatened
Distinctive FeaturesEnormous mouth and large body size
Main PreyFish, plankton, invertebrates
Common NameBasking shark
OriginAtlantic and pacific oceans
Life Span20 - 100 years
Scientific NameCetorhinus maximus
Water TypeSalt
PredatorsSharks, humans, killer whales
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Description Shark mouth pictures. south africa, great white shark charging at surface w/ mouth open ...
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