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Spiny Dogfish lives in bays and inshore waters. It has a smooth skin type. The preferred food type is carnivore. The life span is 25-80 years. Spiny Dogfish which methodical name is squalus acanthias usually grows 48-160cm (19-63in).

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Facts about spiny dogfishs
NameSpiny Dogfish
Common NameDogfish
Conservation StatusThreatened
Size48-160cm (19-63in)
ColourGrey, black, brown, white
OriginAtlantic, pacific and indian oceans
Scientific NameSqualus acanthias
HabitatBays and inshore waters
Main PreyFish, squid, crustaceans
Life Span25-80 years
Average Clutch Size6
Skin TypeSmooth
Optimum pH Level6.5-8.5
PredatorsSharks, whales, humans
Water TypeSalt
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Description Spiny dogfish. sure hope not these are spurdogs or spiny dogfish a species that is ...
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