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The men and women who make up the Animal Picture Society (APS) are some of the most talented, passionate artists in the world, united by a common, two-fold mission to cultivate artistic excellence in the portrayal of wild and domestic animals and to educate the public about those creatures. This dual-focus has inspired APS’s members to create works of art that fuse beauty with meaning and lay the foundation for new standards of artistic excellence in the fine art world. Over the past several years, APS’s annual and traveling exhibitions have consistently set the bar for exhibition success at every level.

Like many other artistic organizations, the Animal Picture Society was birthed out of a 19th century movement to develop deeper connections with likeminded artists and to create art with purpose. This is why, along with a variety of other similar-minded artist associations, APS’s bylaws mandate annual exhibitions. This cultivates an environment where seasoned artists can continue experimenting, creating fresh works of art, and younger artists can have the opportunity to be seen.

The Animal Picture Society was established as a response to an exhibition at Burr Galleries in New York called ‘Animals in Bronx Zoo.’ Ever since that moment, APS has been closely tied to the larger, US conservation movement. Many of APS’s members have not only contributed meaningful artwork in support of conservation causes, they’ve also generously contributed with financial support, volunteering, and more.

Everything is connected

When we protect animals and plants, we also protect the ecosystems that underlie our economies and well-being. We cooperate with other projects that care about wildlife. Zooz Wiki is one of the websites where you can learn more about different spieces and what is required to improve their habitat conditions.